6 Sure-Fire Ways to Motivate Your Employees

Employee Motivation
                  Employee Motivation

Motivating employees to perform at their best isn’t easy. It’s a delicate and continuous process that requires a lot more than just an annual performance review or going through employee files. Employees often lose motivation due to several reasons like burnout, poor communication, silos, etc and such employees can severely impact the health of your business. A survey conducted by Gallop revealed that unhappy employees could cost the U.S. economy up to $550 billion each year in lost productivity. On the other hand when everyone on your team is well-motivated and inspired, their combined skill-set and energy can help your company achieve any goal. No matter how many super talented employees you have on your team, if they are not motivated enough you will never get the results you want. Leadership includes a lot of responsibilities and providing the right motivation to the employees is a very important one that often gets overlooked. Motivation is directly linked to team success and thus it’s important to find out thoughtful ways of motivating employees.

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5 Essential Techniques to Promote Healthy Competition at Work

Healthy Competition at Work
       Healthy Competition at Work

Competition in the workplace is quite common but not every organization makes an effort to ensure that the competition is healthy. Workplace competition can, indeed, be beneficial to the business as it boosts productivity and employee engagement. When in competition, everyone wants to do better than others which leads to increased efforts for achieving results. However, in some cases, it may also lead to low morale, stress, and long-lasting resentment among employees which could be the consequence of constant comparison. Not all employees have the same temperament and while some can thrive well in a competitive environment, others might dread it. Thus, it’s important for organizations to foster healthy competition in the workplace which eliminates the negative effects. Companies often create a competitive work culture by introducing policies like rewarding the employee of the month or announcing promotions with the aim of inspiring the employees. But how many of them bother to find out if their procedures are actually inspiring the employees or demotivating them?

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6 Important Tips to Make Your Feedback Effective

Effective Feedback
                        Effective Feedback

Employees always expect feedback for their performances and as a manager or leader it’s your responsibility to provide them with effective feedback. Be it an individual employee or a team, feedback plays a crucial role in motivating and engaging your workforce. Letting your employees know how well they are doing or where they need improvement can go a long way in building an efficient workforce. However, feedbacks can sometimes have negative impact and not all managers know the technique of providing effective feedback that can truly help employees develop. Here are some important tips to make your feedback effective.

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Rebooting a De-Motivated Team – Techniques and Strategies

De-Motivated Team
                       De-Motivated Team

There could be a lot of reasons that de-motivate a perfectly enthusiastic team. Rumors of a shut down, mass layoffs, lack of appreciation and losing a key team member are just some of the many reasons that can lower the morale and performance of your team. Regardless of the industry, de-motivated team can be found in any workplace. And, it’s critical to address the issue because such employees not only become less productive but also affect the morale and productivity of other team members. And remember, de-motivated employees always underperform and are ready to leave the organization at the very first opportunity. However, the good news is that you don’t have to find replacements for your de-motivated employees or team, at least not till you try some remedies. There are techniques and strategies to reboot your team and motivate it to become, once again, dynamic and enthusiastic.

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10 Strategies to Keep Your Employees Motivated

different ways to motivate employees
Different ways to motivate employees

For being a successful manager, you must understand and master the strategies for keeping the employees motivated to perform at high level. Employee motivation is an important factor that leads to higher productivity and business growth.

Managers use different techniques to assess the personality and behavior of different employees motivated and to determine what motivates them. For this, it’s important to know them and understand their goals and aspirations to implement strategies that work best in keeping them motivated. However, there is no one-size-fits-all approach for employee motivation because all the employees are quite different from each other and different factors impact their motivation. Thus, a manager needs to employ different strategies to keep up the motivation and productivity of employees.

Here are 10 strategies that you can employ to keep up the motivation of your employees:

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