Employee First – Consumerization of HR

Most organizations attribute their success to having made a conscious effort to put the customer first. Now, some organizations are also applying the same principles to employees. Using this approach, organizations view employees as customers and serve their needs, in the same way, resulting in stronger employee engagement, loyalty, and improved resource planning. After all, it is employees who serve on the front lines of customer service and represent the company as brand ambassadors. It is employees who help meet business objectives. And it is employees who are ultimately responsible for the organization’s success. Continue reading “Employee First – Consumerization of HR”

How Big Data Trends Influence the Banking Industry

The need to solve business challenges, in light of both advancing technologies and the changing nature of data, banking, and financial organizations are starting to look closer at Big Data’s potential benefits. The collection of Big Data helps banking industry understand the needs and expectations of people. This way they can keep up with trends and make changes in their operations to improve their services as well as customer relations. Continue reading “How Big Data Trends Influence the Banking Industry”

Digital Clinical Trial Process – The Future is Bright!

A recent survey revealed that by 2050 the global population is anticipated to reach 10 billion and digital health market is expected to reach US$206 billion by 2020.This is the era of digital connection and patients are no longer passive healthcare recipients but active value-seeking clients. This simply means that the world is changing and so should the face of healthcare. Continue reading “Digital Clinical Trial Process – The Future is Bright!”

MACRA and MIPS: New Regulations in Medical Practices

The healthcare sector is evolving at a great pace and new regulations keep making their way into it, along with new related acronyms. Two recent acronyms that have emerged in healthcare are MACRA and MIPS. These have become a prominent addition to the medical practices and to follow them properly it’s important that you understand the regulations well. Lately there has been significant changes regarding how the medicare pays for physician services. MACRA and MIPS have a significant impact on many health plans. Continue reading “MACRA and MIPS: New Regulations in Medical Practices”

Latest Trends In Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

Anti-money laundering (AML) requirements of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) have marked their prominence in banks and financial organizations since years. Post-9/11 era, government agencies, including law enforcement as well as regulatory, have put much emphasis on BSA compliance. And, such agencies, at local, state and federal levels, are actively taking part in ensuring that financial organizations comply with the BSA. Continue reading “Latest Trends In Anti-Money Laundering Compliance”

Digitalization of Clinical Trials – The Benefits

Clinical trials in the development of any new medicine are time-consuming as well as costly. Over the years, the pharmaceutical industry has been trying all means and ways to reduce cycle times and costs in clinical trials through clinical trial process redesign, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and risk-based monitoring. However, nothing worked wonders in having a transformation on the overall clinical trial process. Continue reading “Digitalization of Clinical Trials – The Benefits”

Benefits of Effective Leadership Development

The importance of business leadership is well said by Ronald Reagan in this quote – “The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” A good leader will convert even a weak business plan into success whereas a poor leader can damage even the most excellent plan. This is the reason why developing effective leadership skills are very important. With good leadership, employees experience personal satisfaction in work as well as life, extended skills and competencies and more qualified and developed people. Continue reading “Benefits of Effective Leadership Development”

Structuring Life Sciences Content – An Insight

Structuring Life Sciences ContentDocument management plays a key role in successfully managing life sciences content.  A research revealed that one of the biggest challenges faced by life sciences marketers is content overload and the problem is still ongoing. Only 13% of Pharma and biotech marketers and 17% of med tech marketers think they control content properly. Biotech, med tech, and Pharma industries are trying various means and ways to tackle the growing volume of content. But content strategy and objectives are not clear to most of the marketers in the industry. Continue reading “Structuring Life Sciences Content – An Insight”

All about Financial Statement Analysis

Financial statement analysis is nothing but reviewing and evaluating a company’s financial statements. It plays a major role in understanding the financial health of a company, thereby facilitating effective decision making. Financial statement analysis has different users, i.e. internal and external users. Internal users are the people who analyze the financial statement in order to make right decisions associated with the company operations. Continue reading “All about Financial Statement Analysis”