Employee Termination – How to Avoid Legal and Ethical Issues?

Employee Termination
                  Employee Termination

Employee termination could be a challenging task for managers. Not only it carries the risk of legal troubles but firing an employee could also disrupt the employee-management relationship, depending on how the employee takes the termination. Terminating an employee not only impacts the employee’s career but also his or  her family life. Additionally, it also leaves an impact on the current employees. Employee termination puts so much at stake but under circumstances where termination is absolutely necessary, the managers need to consider a lot of things and deal with ethical dilemmas. Talking about legal issues, statistics suggest that majority of the wrongful termination lawsuits have been won by the former employee.

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Gamification at Work – Connecting Employee Motivation to Business Goals

Gamification at Work
                       Gamification at Work

If you can instill some elements of fun in work, the job is a game. Gamification at work is emerging as a powerful concept. It is a management technique that aims at boosting productivity, inspiring teams and enhancing efficiency. Gamification is all about connecting employee motivation to business goals. Elements of gamification include all that motivate the employees like competitions, rewards or strong motivations. If you can make your employees happy and engaged, you can reach goals much faster.

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Managing a New Team – Basics of Leadership and Team Building

Managing a New Team
Managing a New Team

Managing a team for the first time could bring up conflicting ideas and thoughts in your mind. Establishing an authority over a new set of employees could be tough. Building a healthy professional relationship with your team, along with earning their trust and respect, takes time. You need to take things slow, proceed strategically and shouldn’t rush to achieve goals. Getting the employees work together towards a common goal isn’t easy and involves myriad of challenging situations. Let’s have a look at some effective strategies for managing a new team that could help you develop a collaborative and productive team and establish yourself as a successful leader.

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Continuing Education – A Commitment to Continued Competence

continuing education unit
continuing education unit

Continuing education programs refer to learning activities aimed at educating professionals and helping them advance their skills and knowledge regarding their field of work. The programs include webinars, seminars, formal lectures and many more. These are optional for certain professionals whereas for some these are required for maintaining certification or licensure. A continuing education credit (CEC) or continuing education unit (CEU) is a measure used in continuing education programs. A CEU equals to 10 hours of participation in an accredited program. Training Doyens offers CEU approved webinars for various industries. By attending the webinars you can not only enhance your knowledge and skills but can also earn CEUs to establish yourself as a competent and expert professional. Training Doyens features webinars approved by SHRM, HRCI and IRS.

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Professional Certifications – Staying One Step Ahead of Your Competition

Staying One Step Ahead of Your Competition
Staying One Step Ahead of Your Competition

There are a number of good reasons why professionals from different industries are becoming more inclined towards Professional Certifications. Such certifications not only validate the skills and expertise of an individual but also help industries in defining and maintaining specific standards. Earning a professional certification takes you much ahead of competition and provides more credibility to you as a professional. Also, these programs help you in staying updated and informed about what’s going on in your industry. Many organizations offer professional certification programs and Training Doyens is one of them, featuring top notch certifications.

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Membership Packages & Corporate Training – Make Smart Learning Choices

Membership Packages & Corporate Training
Membership Packages & Corporate Training

Membership Packages & Corporate Training in today’s era internet plays a very important role in, practically, every industry. Businesses are highly dependent upon internet based tools and services for operations, strategy formulation, and what not. Moreover, internet has also made professional learning more and more convenient and one such example is webinars.Webinars help you learn about the things relevant to your profession from a convenient location. All you need is a device with internet connectivity and you can enhance your professional capabilities to unimaginable extents. Training Doyens organizes insightful webinars related to multiple industries including, but on limited to, healthcare, banking, human resources and cross industry functions. Experts hailing from different industries present interactive sessions, where you can also discusses your thoughts and ideas. However, the ultimate aim is to enrich you with acumen and skills for shaping up effective business plans and strategies.

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Key Steps for Strategic Planning

Key Steps for Strategic Planning
step of strategic planning

The business world is getting fiercely competitive and to maintain the competitive edge, relying only on forecast-based or budget based planning methods isn’t enough. The need of the hour is engaging in strategic planning where the objectives are clearly defined and strategy is formulated on the basis of the assessment of internal as well as external situations. Strategy formulation is then followed by implementation, evaluation and streamlining the strategy to achieve the goal. Strategic planning begins with defining the desired end and working backwards to the current status to formulate an effective strategy.

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Tips to Improve Internal Communication at Work

Internal Communication at Work
Different communication strategies

Internal communication is one of the most important aspects of a workplace, be it any type of company. Effective communication skills lead to strong professional relationships and helps in achieving goals faster. It not only improves the work environment but also leads to positive results. However, a number of organizations encounter internal communication issues that hamper work and cause misunderstandings. If you have such issues in your organization, it’s important to start working on them as soon as you can because letting poor communication get worse could drastically impact the success of your organization.

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10 Strategies to Keep Your Employees Motivated

different ways to motivate employees
Different ways to motivate employees

For being a successful manager, you must understand and master the strategies for keeping the employees motivated to perform at high level. Employee motivation is an important factor that leads to higher productivity and business growth.

Managers use different techniques to assess the personality and behavior of different employees motivated and to determine what motivates them. For this, it’s important to know them and understand their goals and aspirations to implement strategies that work best in keeping them motivated. However, there is no one-size-fits-all approach for employee motivation because all the employees are quite different from each other and different factors impact their motivation. Thus, a manager needs to employ different strategies to keep up the motivation and productivity of employees.

Here are 10 strategies that you can employ to keep up the motivation of your employees:

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Finding The Best Candidate For Your Organization

fasten the hiring process.
Fasten the Hiring Process

Recruiting the right job candidate is becoming a tough job day by day and if you are not using innovative strategies, you would be wasting a lot of your time and money in the process. There has been a lot of advancement in the HR technologies for the improvement of Fasten the Hiring Process.

Finding the right candidate requires a well-planned strategy. And, to understand the significance of such a strategy, it’s also important to note that the process of talent acquisition never really stops. Previously, recruitment process mainly involved posting a job on job boards and waiting for applications, which was actually enough. However, now the time has changed and there is a dire need of a strong employer branding strategy for attracting the brilliant minds to fill the hard-to-fill positions, Here are some strategies that you must keep in mind to find the best candidate for your organization.

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