Stress Management in the New Normal – 7 Useful Strategies for Professionals

Stress Management
                        Stress Management

With employees still working remotely and organizations formulating new policies to accommodate the changes in the new normal, dealing with stress has become a new challenge for the professionals. The COVID-19 pandemic is still far from being over and continued social isolation is making people anxious, stressed out and fearful about their future. Coping with such intense emotions is continually becoming difficult on both personal and professional levels. While employers and managers are trying too hard to maintain the productivity and efficiency of their workforce, for many employees the boundary between personal and professional life is blurring, accompanied by the fear of losing their job. Although the trend of remote work was existent in many companies even before, the pandemic has led to its adoption in almost all industries. For those who are new to this culture, moving forward is becoming quite a daunting task, especially when the entire globe is in the clutches of uncertainty. The rising stress among professionals is evident and to help them relieve it here are a few useful strategies:

  1. Understand that Change Can Be Good

Change can, sometimes, lead to better results. It can spark creativity. When things change around us, we learn to adapt and find creative ways of accomplishing tasks. Focus on the positive sides of the change that this pandemic has unleashed and let your creativity flow. Focus more on your health needs, connect with your co-workers through audio or video calling, plan out your workday and try to be disciplined even when you’re at home all day. Learn new things and develop a better perspective on how to make the best use of the new normal for personal and professional development.

  1. Push Away Negative Thoughts

With practice and mindfulness, you can turn your negative thoughts into positive ones. This not only would benefit you but you can also create a positive environment for people around you. Be alert of what you are saying to yourself. Feed your mind with positive affirmations. If you’re depressed about the disagreements in your team, try discussing the problem and finding a solution. If you think nothing is going as planned, try finding innovative ways to achieving your goals. Turning negative thoughts into positive ones could significantly help you overcome stress at work as well as in your personal life.

  1. Find Opportunities to Improve

We often tend to follow the set norms and perform tasks in ways they have always been done because it’s easy. What people often forget to focus on is innovation. Acknowledge the fact that your career or your business wasn’t perfect before and amid this new normal you could find opportunities to improve. With economic recession threatening the businesses, changing vendors, mode of working, and your skillset could get you even better results. The key is to be enthusiastic enough to spot opportunities and explore capacities to improve.

  1. Apply What You Learn

The pandemic has taught us quite a few lessons, albeit a hard way, but focusing on the proper use of what you’ve learnt can be instrumental in surviving as well as succeeding. Understand what are your limitations, in which areas your business is vulnerable, how adaptable is your team and how can you overcome your shortcomings. This could help you in supporting your business in these difficult times. Implement new policies and processes based on your insights to help your workforce thrive and maximize productivity and revenue. Identify your strengths and use them wisely.

  1. Don’t Let Failures Deter Your Spirit

The world is going through unprecedented changes and difficulties and is still adjusting to the new normal.While you try out new strategies for your business, you might fail at times. Every industry and organization is facing new challenges and no one is absolutely sure about what to do to survive. Adapting to the new normal hasn’t exactly been easy for anyone. There are things that might go out of your control sometimes. Also, at times it may feel that you are starting from scratch. Focus more on the experiences you gain and lessons you learn. You still have your skills and talents intact; it’s just the plan that needs to be changed, continually revised and optimized in the wake of this worldwide crisis.

  1. Connect More with People

In these uncertain times, human connection is something that people are craving for amid the social distancing protocols. Reaching out to people, your workforce or co-workers can reduce stress in significant ways for professionals. Celebrating small successes, appreciating hard work, grieving a loss together, brainstorming sessions and re-examining things for good are of crucial importance these days. Talking to each other helps people deal with loneliness and makes them feel that they are all together in these difficult times. Communication is extremely important today which makes working together and sharing responsibilities easier.

  1. Focus on Positives

Identify all the positives in this new normal. You are working from home and hence don’t have to commute daily to office. You can focus more on having a nutritious diet and living a healthy life. You can spend more time with your family and can actually find time to pursue your hobbies. Your team is bringing up creative ideas to move through this crisis. You can find good amid all the chaos if you look carefully. Focus on the positives in your life and cherish the fact that you’re now more capable to dealing with problems and are emerging stronger from this crisis.

The uncertainty around is crippling people with stress these days, making it difficult to stay calm and relaxed. Leaders and organizations are continually emphasizing the importance of stress management in the new normal. These simple strategies can bring a positive change in your life as well as in the lives of those around you.

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