The Art of Compassionate Marketing in Times of Crisis

Marketing in Times of Crisis
             Marketing in Times of Crisis

The world is chaotic today and people are facing unprecedented challenges. The businesses are struggling hard to stay afloat as the market trends and priorities of the customers have drastically changed. In such trying times, making a real connection with your customers using the conventional marketing techniques could be quite difficult. Today the brands need to be more responsible and compassionate to earn credibility and customer loyalty which could even outlast the ongoing crisis. American author Zig Ziglar had said “Stop selling. Start helping”, and now is the time to adhere to this more than ever. As the times are so uncertain, many companies aren’t sure how to frame their marketing messages or if they should really promote their product and services now. However, as the new normals are surfacing amid new challenges, it’s important to focus more on compassionate marketing. Adding value to the life of people, initiating positive changes within communities, caring for human needs and being responsible while doing business is the need of the hour.

Take a look at some useful tips for compassionate marketing during COVID-19 crisis:

  1. Focus on Helping Your Customers

The competition is no less and customers have a plethora of companies, with unique set of offerings, to choose from. Restructure your marketing messages and focus on how you can help people overcome challenges and make their life better. Highlight what efforts your company is putting in to help others in times of crisis. Communicate how you’re trying to add value. Also, this is a great time to consider discounts, free trials or providing financial assistance to clients.

  1. Schedule Your Marketing Campaigns

If you already have scheduled all your marketing campaigns for the year, you might want to revisit them and make a few changes. Carefully evaluate the situation around and decide appropriate timelines for your campaigns. Review your social media calendar, content and plans and prioritize which campaigns make more sense in these times. Focus on empathy and let your customers know you care.

  1. Craft Compassionate Messages

Create messages that communicate how your company is trying to help people. Marketing campaigns that identify with the problems and needs of people are important to connect better with the existing and prospective customers. Practice compassion communication. Personalization of messages could be even better as it leads to higher engagement rate. Soft sell or trying too hard in this time may backfire. Your marketing content should demonstrate care and concern.

  1. Be Consistent in Evaluating Circumstances

For empathetic marketing it’s important to keep an eye on what’s happening in the world as well as in the market. Evaluate the changing scenarios and update your marketing strategies accordingly. This activity must be carried out every week. Also, bring together your entire team and encourage them to voice different perspectives and ideas. This would help you better understand the needs of your customers and how to connect with them. Be flexible to embrace and quickly implement new plans that reflect the current needs of the communities and enlighten your audience.

You don’t have to change the fundamentals of your marketing during this crisis. Also, there are no surefire strategies. A few smart adjustments here and there, and an overall sense of compassion instilled in the campaigns can help you reach your goals.

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