Managing Employee Experience During a Crisis

Managing Employee Experience
         Managing Employee Experience

The world is going through crazy times and is making unprecedented changes to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses are facing multiple challenges and there have been huge and not-so-desirable transformations. Many companies are forced to lay off employees and the ones who stayed are engulfed in fear and despair owing to the chaotic scenarios all around the globe. Now it’s more important than ever for the companies to create an ideal employee experience because adversity reveals the true culture of an organization. It is in the times of crisis when an organization’s ability to provide a good employee experience is truly tested. What kind of experience you provide to your employees today will be remembered for years to come and that will strengthen or weaken the core of your organization. Managing employee experience amid crisis needs to be a priority of every organization if they want to build a strong culture that goes a long way to help the company flourish. Employees devote so many hours of their lives to their organization and when a crisis hits they expect support and guidance to navigate through the tough times. Your employees are possibly overwhelmed with what’s happening around and as a business leader if you can help them feel good, your company will successfully sail through the rough waters.

  1. Communicate Clearly

Communication is the key and clear and regular internal communication during crisis is vital. Leverage technology and use multiple communication channels to communicate with your employees and keep them informed and updated. Let them know what the leadership team is doing to keep things in control. Also, encourage them to voice their views and concerns. Regularly communicating with employees during a crisis can be instrumental in keeping their morale high.

  1. Be Compassionate

In times of crisis, it is critically important to empathize with your employees and be compassionate towards them. People are facing multiple challenges in the professional as well personal lives. Leaders need to go the extra mile to help them by assisting them in their deliverables, providing resources and offering flexibility at work. Empower them with more resources so they can perform better. Leadership communication during crisis is another vital aspect. Talk to your employees about their job security and guide them on how they can achieve targets.

  1. Include Employees in the Corporate Community

Help your employees understand and connect with the purpose of your company. Explain them the bigger picture and encourage them to upskill themselves and come up with innovative ideas. In these trying times, it’s important to give back to the community in whichever way possible. Provide your employees the opportunity to do what they are passionate about and contribute to the society. For instance, some employees might want to help the poor and needy. Offer them platforms and support them in their endeavors.

  1. Prioritize Employee Health and Safety

Taking care of the mental and physical wellbeing is of utmost importance these days. As an organization, you can raise awareness on fitness aspects. Organizing virtual fitness sessions might also be a great idea. Add humor and fun at work to create a healthy and positive atmosphere for the employees.

  1. Be Creative

People do not have any dearth of information in today’s digital era. Your employees already know a lot more than you want to inform. To ensure effective communication during a crisis try using creative methods of communication to enhance their curiosity and interest in your information. Help them understand what your company is trying to achieve and provide opportunities to contribute to the process of creating a great employee experience. Think of how your employees can feel connected to the organization and have fun even when they are working remotely. Also, rethink how to motivate employees during difficult times and reinvent your strategies.

  1. Focus on the Happiness Quotient

If your employees are happy, they will demonstrate a higher level of dedication to help the company survive the crisis. Make efforts to keep the happiness quotient high among your employees. This is imperative not only in times of crisis but also beyond. Some of your employees are possibly panicking owing to the ongoing situation around the world. Having a word of reassurance from the company can work wonders. Also, provide them with the right tools so your employees can perform to the best of their abilities even amid so many restrictions imposed by the authorities.

Ensuring a great employee experience even in the times of crisis can benefit your organization in unexpected ways. What is your company doing to make the employee experience pleasant? Please share your ideas in the comment section below.

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