6 Sure-Fire Ways to Motivate Your Employees

Employee Motivation
                  Employee Motivation

Motivating employees to perform at their best isn’t easy. It’s a delicate and continuous process that requires a lot more than just an annual performance review or going through employee files. Employees often lose motivation due to several reasons like burnout, poor communication, silos, etc and such employees can severely impact the health of your business. A survey conducted by Gallop revealed that unhappy employees could cost the U.S. economy up to $550 billion each year in lost productivity. On the other hand when everyone on your team is well-motivated and inspired, their combined skill-set and energy can help your company achieve any goal. No matter how many super talented employees you have on your team, if they are not motivated enough you will never get the results you want. Leadership includes a lot of responsibilities and providing the right motivation to the employees is a very important one that often gets overlooked. Motivation is directly linked to team success and thus it’s important to find out thoughtful ways of motivating employees.

Take a look at some of the effective ways to motivate your team:

  1. Set Measurable Goals and Clear Expectations

Team leaders or managers must make the mission of the project or organization very clear for the employees. Let them know what you expect and what exactly they need to achieve. Set realistic goals for your team that is defined precisely, can be measured and is time-bound. Communicate the big picture and help them understand how their daily work fits into it. Coach them on individual goal-setting and help them improve their performance.

  1. Provide Regular and Constructive Feedback

Various surveys have revealed that the majority of employees today aren’t satisfied with the feedback they receive and want more. It’s logical as well. Getting continuous feedback on their performance and knowing where they stand in the company is vital for improving performance. Leaders need to make themselves more approachable and must offer personalized, informal, honest and frequent feedback in a way that motivates employees to perform better. This also gives employees an opportunity to share their thoughts so that both, organization and employees, can be benefited.

  1. Offer Fair Compensation

Hiring managers have revealed in a survey that 45 percent of employees change jobs due to mediocre compensation. Compensating employees fairly is critical if you want to achieve good results for your company. Also, compensation doesn’t always have to come in the form of a paycheck; there are other valuable modes too which can satisfy and motivate employees. Paid healthcare, sick leaves, paid holidays, and flexible work schedules boost the motivation of the employees considering a job switch. Such employee benefits also prove to be advantageous for the organization as the later can prevent costly employee turnover.

  1. Encourage Work-Life Balance

A lot of employees might lack motivation because they want to work on their own terms but do not have an option to do so. Offering them the option to work remotely, at least sometimes, is a great way to bolster the motivation. Many workplace functions can be well performed remotely and the phenomenon is also becoming common these days. Offering remote work opportunities and flexible working hours not only can help employees achieve a work-life balance but also boost their engagement, satisfaction, and motivation.

  1. Create a Positive and Healthy Work Environment

If your employees are lacking motivation you need to think if they have a positive and healthy work environment where they can indulge in creative thinking and take pride in their job. If you’re not sure what a healthy environment looks like try conducting a survey in your company to know what changes your employees want in the workspace or culture. You can also try loosening some of the restrictions to find simple and cost-effective ways of boosting employee motivation.

  1. Develop an Employee Rewards and Recognition Program

Every employee likes to be appreciated and recognized for their good work. Recognizing and rewarding the achievements can motivate your team in surprising ways. Whenever your team achieves a goal, even if it is a short-term goal, make sure to praise them and express your gratitude. Explain why their achievement is significant and how it helped the business. Reward the hard work of employees with gifts, monetary rewards, perks or more independence at work.

Boosting employee motivation is not an overnight job. It requires time and much experimentation to figure out what suits your organization. And, sometimes, you have to go slow and be patient for the results. But before starting with any of these suggestions you need to remember the basic concept — treating the employees best will bring out the best in them.

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