8 Tips for Building a Powerful Brand Using LinkedIn

Building a Powerful Brand Using LinkedIn
Building a Powerful Brand Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn was launched in the year 2003 as a social networking site for professionals and over the years it has redefined networking and business branding. Many industry reports have revealed that LinkedIn is one of the top tools for improving brand recognition, especially for Business to Business (B2B) organizations. Entrepreneurs and professionals are increasingly utilizing this valuable tool for building and promoting their brands. In a recent research, 50% of B2B buyers have revealed that LinkedIn highly influences their purchase decisions. Today, LinkedIn is an active and vibrant networking hub where professionals can meet, interact, socialize and learn from each other. However, although the tool provides many opportunities for brand building, one should know the right strategies to harness its power to the fullest.

Here are 8 tips on how to use LinkedIn for brand building:

  1. Build a Strong Profile

Your LinkedIn profile should support your brand in essential ways. Highlight the relevant content, achievements, and recommendations and ensure that they have a positive impact on people. Promote your profile through various means like email signatures, ebooks and resources, business cards, while connecting with new contacts, etc.

  1. Add Value

Don’t make LinkedIn all about marketing your products and services. Your brand-building strategy must also revolve around adding value to the community. Share informative content, provide insights, solve problems and help people you are connected with. Good interactions with people always help in building good reputation and a powerful brand.

  1. Get Recommendations

People you are connected with can leave recommendations regarding your experience, skillset and capabilities and this social proof is a powerful tool for building trust. It greatly enhances your chances of growing the business, closing deals and expanding the network. Usually, connections do not make recommendations until they are wowed by you or you’ve asked them. Therefore, reach out to people who you have worked with and ask for recommendations. You can take the initiative of making recommendations for others as well. 

  1. Schedule Your Activities

While developing content marketing strategies to promote your brand, remember that timing and consistency are important. Posting content, engaging with posts, replying and, overall, staying active is necessary. Also, it’s crucial to schedule your activities because people in your community usually observe the timing of your engagement and rely on it. Also, they will look forward to your activities if you provide value.

  1. Publish Good and Unique Content

While the primary concern of professionals remains getting traffic to the website and improving conversions, your audience shouldn’t feel that your content is only focussed on that. Publish good content that is unique and adds value. Only reposting or sharing other’s content wouldn’t work. Publish fresh content that the audience would appreciate and make sure they are good enough to establish authority in the industry.

  1. Engage with Posts Shared by Your Connections

A lot of professionals focus only on publishing their original content and curated stories. Although they are adding value, the engagement rate remains low. Pushing more and more content doesn’t really work in LinkedIn. You also need to engage with the posts of your connections. Start conversations by commenting on their posts, praising their achievements, and asking questions.

  1. Help Others Expand Their Community

Connecting people who could mutually benefit each other is a great gesture that people remember and appreciate. Help people expand their network so that they can find more opportunities to grow their own business. Your efforts will be much appreciated. You can also launch a community or a group and start relevant conversations and valuable discussions. If your community grows you will be given the credit for its success.

  1. Use the Power of Mentions

Several users just publish or share content and forget about it. You can tag people who you think could benefit from specific content. Let them know you are thinking about their benefit and tell them why you think the post might be relevant for them. This also helps in improving the reach of your content as it will appear in the news feeds beyond your network. It also implies that you are paying attention and care for your connections.

LinkedIn is a data-rich platform that is evolving every day. If used carefully and strategically, it could enormously help you in brand building which ultimately impacts your bottom and top lines positively.

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