5 Essential Techniques to Promote Healthy Competition at Work

Healthy Competition at Work
       Healthy Competition at Work

Competition in the workplace is quite common but not every organization makes an effort to ensure that the competition is healthy. Workplace competition can, indeed, be beneficial to the business as it boosts productivity and employee engagement. When in competition, everyone wants to do better than others which leads to increased efforts for achieving results. However, in some cases, it may also lead to low morale, stress, and long-lasting resentment among employees which could be the consequence of constant comparison. Not all employees have the same temperament and while some can thrive well in a competitive environment, others might dread it. Thus, it’s important for organizations to foster healthy competition in the workplace which eliminates the negative effects. Companies often create a competitive work culture by introducing policies like rewarding the employee of the month or announcing promotions with the aim of inspiring the employees. But how many of them bother to find out if their procedures are actually inspiring the employees or demotivating them?

Promoting healthy competition among employees is vital so that everyone is encouraged to give their best without getting stressed about it. Here are a few tips that can help you promote healthy competition in the workplace.

  1. Educate Your Employees About Healthy Competition

Competition often leads to conflicts and tension among employees which ultimately damages the work relationships. It’s the responsibility of managers and leaders to educate their teams on what constitutes a healthy conflict. When employees understand the concept of a healthy debate, they share their views in an open yet positive manner to facilitate a productive discussion. This ultimately boosts creativity and engagement.

  1. Provide Honest Feedback

Providing honest feedback to employees about their performance is important. When employees know that they are being appreciated for their work and understand what more they can do to achieve better results, they are encouraged to put more effort to improve their performance. Employee performance should be subjected to both rewards and consequences but placing too much emphasis on the positive and negative can lead to dysfunction. Every employee wants to be recognized and for this, they require honest feedback so that they know how to improve.

  1. Set New Goals

Employees should be not only competing against each other but should also be competing against their previous efforts to get results. Set new goals and raise the bar continuously so that your employees can push themselves to achieve more. Challenge them to increase the revenue and encourage them to formulate new strategies that can impact the business positively.

  1. Recognize and Reward the Performers

The best way to keep the performers of your organization motivated is to recognize and reward them. Appreciate excellence and give people a reason to work harder. If you reward people equally just to keep everyone satisfied and happy, it would eventually lead to a culture of mediocrity. Giving accurate ratings to employees based on their performance is vital for encouraging the employees to stretch their efforts and bring out the best in them.

  1. Indulge in Games and Sports

Participating in sports and games is a great way of understanding the concept of healthy competition where people learn to win gracefully and lose with honor. Organizing games and sports for employees and encouraging them to participate are excellent for promoting healthy competition. Such activities are fun and help in team-building and strengthening the bond between co-workers. Many companies that organize such events have reported that employees actually look forward to such activities.

Internal competition is essential for the success of any organization. However, the management needs to ensure that the competition is not resulting in backstabbing, “me first” mentality and toxicity in the workplace. Encouraging competition is important but ensuring that the competition is healthy is even more important.

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