Chatbots: The New Technology Revolutionizing the HR Industry

Revolutionizing the HR Industry
       Revolutionizing the HR Industry

Chatbots are revolutionizing the HR processes, making them more efficient. They are essentially changing the way the department works and communicates, resulting in more optimized operations. Chatbots are powered by Artificial Intelligence that conduct conversations. Starting from talent acquisition to employee onboarding, chatbots have proved to be useful for a number of HR processes. HR departments are among the first business sectors to adopt chatbots mainly for making interactions with employees more effective. The chatbots engage in virtual conversations, providing employees with simple answers to their queries. However, the technology is further evolving to learn the needs and roles of individual employees and providing them with the specific information they require. Let’s have a look at the use cases of chatbots in the HR departments:

  1. Recruitment

Hiring a candidate from a huge pool of applicants is quite a job. Chatbots can be helpful in screening the applicants by analyzing their information and also performing background checks. Chatbots can also conduct initial interviews of candidates where the later can answer the questions from home, without getting anxious or nervous before a panel of interviewers. The management can later assess their answers based on the job role, company culture and more. In this way, chatbots relieve the HR department from a lot of workload.

  1. On-Boarding New Employees

On-boarding is a crucial process that plays a major role in employee engagement and retention. Chatbots can make on-boarding a hassle-free process for both the new employees as well as the HR department. By interacting with new employees, the chatbots ensure that they get a seamless and enjoyable experience. For repetitive tasks such as filling and submitting forms, enrolling for benefits, and collecting ID cards, employees usually have a lot of queries which can be well managed by chatbots.

  1. Feedback

Chatbots are very useful for collecting feedbacks from applicants as well as employees. Feedbacks are essential for any organization for improving the candidate as well as the employee experience. This in turn helps in optimizing processes which is important for building a good reputation for the organization.

  1. Answering Queries

Candidates appearing for interviews usually have a lot of queries about the job, which the organizations are obligated to answer. Sometimes, this task becomes too tiring for HR professionals. Chatbots can be utilized to answer the most frequently asked questions by the candidates while the HR professionals can focus on other important tasks. The same also goes for employee queries.

  1. Assistance to the Teams

Chatbots can be very helpful in assisting existing employees on projects. They can be used for scheduling or answering questions related to work or day-to-day business life. Employees can also access relevant HR information through chatbots, quickly and easily. For remote or part-time employees, a vast range of HR functions can be automated through chatbots.

  1. Employee Engagement

Besides taking care of the queries of employees, chatbots also ask questions on employee experience and expectations. Short surveys, rating based questions, etc asked by the chatbots help the HR department in understanding the issues and measuring the engagement levels. Using such insights, the HR department can further optimize the procedures to better manage employee engagement.

  1. Training and Development

Every organization invests a lot in training and development of employees but it’s difficult to ensure that the employees are actually using the resources. HR chatbots make training simple and fun by breaking down the tutorials into smaller bites and evaluating the employees through multiple choice questions. Chatbots also send performance updates to the team leads. Employees can also get information regarding upcoming learning modules and the chatbots can also provide insights on how to improve the learning programs. The conversation-based approach of chatbots makes the training and development programs more effective.

Integrating chatbots with the HR systems can benefit the organization in numerous ways. In fact, apart from the HR department, chatbots have multiple utilities even in other departments as well, like finance, administration, IT and more. However, the technology comes with a few challenges as well like any other technology but if you know how to deal with them, chatbots can indeed bring revolutionary changes to your organization.

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