6 Effective Strategies for Attracting Passive Talents to Your Company

Attracting Passive Talents
Attracting Passive Talents

You are missing out on good talents possibly because the people who would be suitable for your organization aren’t even applying for the job. Known as passive candidates, such people are already employed and aren’t actively looking for a new job opportunity. Some of the passive candidates might have rich experience and desirable skills, hence successfully and satisfactorily employed. However, the fact that they are not on a job hunt and thus aren’t being interviewed by other recruiters makes them ideal candidates for your organization that you can hire without the probability of losing them to your competitors. Statistics suggest that passive talents are 33% more likely to be looking for challenging work and 120% more likely to impact your business positively. However, hiring such candidates for your organization is always a challenging job because it’s tough to identify and target them as they are not looking for new employment. And, many recruiters make the mistake of assuming that if they aren’t applying for new jobs, they are probably not interested in one. But it has been found that many passive talents are very much interested in exploring a new opportunity if they find it attractive enough.

Hiring passive candidates is a tough job and companies have realized that they need to promote their jobs just like they promote their products and services. Identifying and engaging with passive candidates require a different set of strategies. Let’s see what those strategies are.

  1. Introduce Employee Referral Programs

Employee referral programs are a great way of finding passive candidates. Employees can be very helpful in spreading brand messages and promoting a career in the organization. Engaged and happy employees actively participate in the referral programs, helping the organization create a great talent pool as the employees are likely to recommend the candidates who are skilled and would perform well in the organization. Incentives make referral programs even more successful.

  1. Strengthen Your Online Presence

Social media is one of the best ways of connecting with and sourcing passive yet prospective candidates. Connecting with such candidates includes strategies like promoting your work culture through pictures and videos, writing insightful blogs, sharing meaningful and engaging content, highlighting job opportunities and more. Sharing testimonials from employees also works great not only for attracting passive candidates but also for promoting your brand. Following prospective candidates and interacting with them over social media also helps.

  1. Design Attractive Career Pages

Your career page should be attractive and easily navigable. If a candidate comes across your website, your career page must interest them. Provide compelling content and make the page accessible with just a single click. Usually, passive candidates are interested in checking out new opportunities if they have an easily accessible link. Uploading videos about how a career in your company looks like is also helpful in giving the visitors an idea of your organizational culture and opportunities.

  1. Network Through Events and Conferences

Networking is crucial in any profession and attending events and conferences is a great way to build a strong network. People attending such events are often open to new connections and discussions which isn’t always the case otherwise. Such places could give you ample chances to connect and personally interact with passive candidates and offer them a good opportunity to work with your organization.

  1. Create a Talent Pipeline

You might find a candidate that is ideal for your company but isn’t exactly ready to switch jobs. Or else, you can also spot a candidate, through these strategies, who is skilled but is still studying and isn’t ready for a job. Connecting with such candidates is important so that you can present them with an opportunity whenever they are ready as well as your organization is on their minds whenever they are looking for a job. The process of identifying and attracting a passive talent should start way before an opportunity arises. Connecting with them and building a great relationship should be a part of your strategy so that you can rope them in when the time is right.

  1. Build a Unique Employer Brand

Employer branding is vital for attracting the right candidates, even if they are not on a job hunt. Find out what type of work or culture your ideal candidates prefer in an organization and make sure that you portray and communicate them through various means such as blogs and events. Highlight your company’s unique offerings like the benefits, compensation, opportunities, etc. It’s not enough just to say that your company is great and unique. You need to communicate that convincingly.

Recruiting passive talents is likely to be successful because such candidates aren’t in need of a job. If they accept a position in your company, it’s their choice and not a necessity. Attracting and recruiting this kind of talent can be more successful and cost-effective than traditional recruitments

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