8 Essential Traits that Make a Great Manager

Great Manager
                             Great Manager

Hiring a manager for your company isn’t enough. You need a great manager that can bring out the best in your employees, and motivate and empower them to achieve the company as well as professional goals. However, hiring a great manager isn’t always an easy task. On the other hand, an inefficient manager could lead to misunderstandings and miscommunications among employees which could be disastrous for your organization. No matter what industry you belong to and regardless of the size of your company, a great manager is an absolute necessity. There are a few traits that distinguish a great manager from others and while appointing a manager, you need to carefully analyze if your prospective candidate possesses those traits or not.

  1. Excellent Communication Skills

A great manager has excellent communication skills. It’s important to know and understand the needs of your organization but it’s equally important to communicate them well to the employees. A great manager communicates the mission of the company clearly and helps employees achieve goals.

2. Ability to Handle Pressure

A manager is accountable for the performance of employees. There are times when the manager is held responsible for achieving targets within stringent deadlines or other stressful scenarios. A great manager is capable of withstanding work related pressure and at the same time motivating the team to perform better. Emotional stability, as we call it, is one of the most important traits that a manager should have.

3. Encouraging Innovation and Creativity

A great manager should be open to new ideas. He should be open minded and agile towards new and creative thoughts that could improve the existing procedures. In fact, he should encourage his team to be innovative and share new ideas that can be implemented.

4. Helping Employees Grow Professionally

A great manager is not only concerned about the company goals but also about the professional goals of individual employees. He should support the aspirations of each employee and help fulfill them through proper training and development. Your manager should be good in identifying opportunities for employees and helping them master the skills required.

5. Analytical Skills

Your manager must have skills to analyze your workforce. It is one of the most important traits of leadership that helps in good decision making. Good analytical skills helps a manager understand the employees and guide them better.

6. Appreciating Good Work

Appreciation and recognition boost employee performances. Thus, it’s crucial for a manager to recognize and appreciate good work in a manner that encourages the employees to perform better. Employee rewards and recognition is a great tool that managers can use not only to boost productivity but also to build loyalty.

 7. Inspirational and Enthusiastic

Employees look up to their manager for inspiration. Thus, the manager needs to be super enthusiastic to serve as the right inspiration for employees. If you expect your team to be energetic, get a manager who is energetic himself and inspires the team to achieve success. However, inspiration can come in different forms but all of them should impact your company’s bottom line positively.

8. Good Listening Skills

A manager should be a good listener. Management is not always about guiding and directing your team. It’s also about understanding the needs and issues of your team and being prompt in resolving them. A great manager listens to his team carefully and creates an environment where everyone is comfortable with sharing their opinions and ideas.

Every manager is different in his own way and brings different strengths to the company. However, you will always find these 8 traits in a candidate that has the potential to become a great manager. So, are you ready to choose a great manager for your team?

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