Enhancing Employee Experience for Organizational Success

Employee Experience
                      Employee Experience

Employee experience is one of the most critical factors that contribute to organizational success. Unfortunately, there are only a very small number of companies that actually understand the significance of enhancing employee performance and are working on it. Employee experience can be defined as the combination of physical, cultural and technological aspects of an organization. It’s important to design these aspects carefully in order to provide a healthy, comfortable and motivating environment to the employees. Employee performance is all about creating an environment of positivity and high productivity in the organization so that the employees are happy to work, contribute highly, grow professionally and succeed. Various studies have found that positive employee experience is directly linked to improved work performance.

Here’s how an organization can enhance employee experience:

  1. Offer Career Development Opportunities

Offer opportunities of professional growth to employees and help them upgrade their skills and acquire new ones. Invest in developing and implementing corporate training programs to train employees on the business and technical skills important for your business. Career change for employees doesn’t have to be restricted to a vertical movement (from a lower role to higher). You can also provide them with opportunities of moving from one role to another within the same hierarchy. In this way employees can expand their business and technical capabilities, develop professionally and become more satisfied at work.

2. Invite Employee Opinions

In this era, employees aspire more than just following orders. Team leaders and managers need to invite and consider employee opinions on business decisions and operations. Employees possess expertise on products and services and their opinion on various matters can actually prove to be beneficial. Also their opinion about the organizational policies, working conditions etc. must also be considered. Demonstrating that employees have a say in business decisions makes them feel respected and makes them more passionate about work and loyal for the company. This is a significant step in improving employee experience.

3. Offer Flexible Work Arrangements

Offer flexible work arrangements to employees to suit their needs and comfort. However, it’s also necessary to ensure that the arrangement doesn’t harm the interest of the company. Allow them to have flexible work schedules, remote working arrangements and other alternatives so that they can work to their highest potential. A number of big organizations like Amazon and Google have also embraced flexible work arrangements. Offering such options boosts employee satisfaction and helps employees attain a work-life balance. These arrangements then, in turn, improve employee experiences and increase productivity.

4. Appreciate Employee Contributions

Good work and efforts of employees should be appreciated and recognized. This can be done even through simple gestures like giving a compliment, taking the team out for lunch etc. In some cases, where an employee goes to the extra mile to achieve something or contributes to the company success significantly, you might consider giving him or her a raise or a bonus. Through all this, the employer or management needs to convey that the contributions of employees are noticed and appreciated.

5. Invite Feedbacks

Invite feedbacks from employees. Conduct surveys and encourage employees to express their opinions, even if they do it anonymously. Surveys give you a great opportunity to know what employees think about your organization and expect from it. You can make changes to your policies and procedures to better satisfy your employees and improve their experiences.

6. Invest in Employee Wellness

Many organizations implement wellness programs for employees or offer incentives for engaging in health initiatives. From offering tax exemptions for spending on healthcare to offering fitness related gadgets, there are several ways of encouraging employees to stay fit. A company investing in employee wellness succeeds in making employees happier, healthier and hence more productive. You can also ask for suggestions from employees about what kind of wellness programs are better and provide maximum benefit.

 Providing fulfilling conditions for employees constitutes a great employee experience. Investing in employee experience is one of the best business investments as it directly contributes to organizational success.

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