Rebooting a De-Motivated Team – Techniques and Strategies

De-Motivated Team
                       De-Motivated Team

There could be a lot of reasons that de-motivate a perfectly enthusiastic team. Rumors of a shut down, mass layoffs, lack of appreciation and losing a key team member are just some of the many reasons that can lower the morale and performance of your team. Regardless of the industry, de-motivated team can be found in any workplace. And, it’s critical to address the issue because such employees not only become less productive but also affect the morale and productivity of other team members. And remember, de-motivated employees always underperform and are ready to leave the organization at the very first opportunity. However, the good news is that you don’t have to find replacements for your de-motivated employees or team, at least not till you try some remedies. There are techniques and strategies to reboot your team and motivate it to become, once again, dynamic and enthusiastic.

Know What’s Wrong

The first step should be finding out the reason for de-motivation. An employee could have personal issues or may have had encountered something nasty at work. Find out the reason for which he or she has lost the motivation. The best way to do so is simply asking what exactly is bothering them.

 Communicate Clearly

Rumors about the company are often a prime cause of de-motivation among employees. Misinformation spreads like a wildfire and does a lot of damage even before you know. To prevent such scenarios, always be transparent and open about your views, upcoming changes, or new opportunities in your organization. Also encourage employees to communicate freely at work.

 Recognize Good Work

Employees also get de-motivated if they feel underappreciated. Provide recognition to good work. Make your employees feel that their efforts are being noticed and appreciated, and find ways to appreciate them on a regular basis. Employee recognition is a very important factor for improving engagement and retaining employees.

Provide New Opportunities

Certain jobs could bring boredom and performing the same old work for a long time could de-motivate your employees. Provide new opportunities to your employees and let them work on projects they are interested in. Let them participate in diverse tasks occasionally to help them get refreshed and explore added skills that they might have.

New Incentives

Huge bonuses or unlimited time offs don’t necessarily lift employee morale. If you’ve already provided such incentives, try something new. Consider allowing flexible schedules or work from home option. Research suggests that employees that have flexible schedules are happier and more productive. Offer them more perks and rewards for their hard work. Create a healthy competition at work to motivate employees for performing even better.

Career Development Opportunities

A huge number of employees look for career development opportunities in their workplace but very few actually get them. Make professional development a priority in your organization. Help your employees learn new skills or refresh those that they have by attending webinars, trade shows, seminars, and conferences. Invest in their professional advancements to keep them motivated.

Miscellaneous Activities

You can organize miscellaneous activities to instill some motivation in your de-motivated team. Host activities that are fun and spirit lifting like potlucks, birthday celebrations, team outings, new idea submissions etc. This can play an important role in improving the overall work dynamics. Also, ask for regular feedbacks to ensure that the motivation levels aren’t declining again.

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