How to Excel in Customer Service?

Customer Service
                             Customer Service

One of the prime factors that drive a business towards success is great customer service.No matter how great your product is or how talented employees you have in your organization, if your customer service isn’t good, your business won’t thrive. It isn’t very easy to provide awesome customer services and it requires skills and well thought strategies. Research suggests that if people receive good customer service they tell 2 or 3 people but if it’s bad they tell 10 to 12 people. In this scenario where recommendations and word of mouth hold such great value, it’s extremely important to be consistent in delivering great customer services. Even if you have been recognized as an excellent organization in terms of customer services, you need to constantly upgrade and refresh your skills to keep your customers consistently satisfied. Your customer service team is the face of your company and their skills determine the experience of your customers.

Here are some tips and tricks using which you can excel in customer services:

  1. Sharpen Customer Service Skills

Your customer service team should have the right skills for managing your customers well. Having a great CRM software is good but it cannot compensate for the skills of customer service reps. The very basic skills every member of the team should master include empathy, patience, good communication, adaptability, consistency, knowledge, integrity and thick skin. You can survey your customers or take their feedback to know how skilled your reps are.

2. Develop Customer Service Program

Develop and implement a good customer service program that is based on a good strategy aligned with organizational interests. It’s also important to establish adequate KPIs for measuring the performance of your team. The program should look after the overall efficiency of customer service department. The department should be accessible for customer both digitally as well as in a physical location. You should step into the shoes of your customers to understand their needs. Build a community through events, trade shows etc. and team up with you customers too. Also ask for feedback from customers to improve.

3. Communicate Efficiently

Communication is, undoubtedly, the most important part of customer service. While interacting with the customers the reps need to keep in mind a few points. They should be asking the right questions to identify and understand the concern of the customers. After asking, it’s very important to listen carefully and empathize with the customers. Avoid interrupting the customers. Once the problem is solved, you need to follow up with the customers to know if they are satisfied or not.

 4. Delight Your Customers

At times, go out of your way to delight your customer with an offer, or reward or something that they were not at all expecting. This will help you gain positive feedback and will increase your credibility.

5. Invest in Training and Development

Collaborate with a training provider who understands your business and conduct training sessions for your employees. This will also help you build best practices for your department. You can also share examples or give recognition or award to the reps that deliver exceptional service. This will help you motivate your staff to perform even better. Set standards for quality, behavior, accuracy, appearance etc. Make your expectations clear and help your employees meet them through proper training and guidance.

6. Analyze Your Competitors

Sending your staff as mystery shoppers to your competitors is an excellent way of helping your employees know and improve what they are doing. Look out for new ideas and best practices and see which of them you can incorporate in your business. Also, encourage your staff to think of solutions and ideas. Encourage brain storming and creativity to help employees think out of the box.




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