Writing Great Job Descriptions to Attract the Most Suitable Candidates

Job Descriptions
                                Job Descriptions

If you want to hire talented candidates for your organization, first you need to attract them through great job descriptions. Writing an effective and concise job description is important to get talented candidates applying for your job. It is said that good job descriptions combine required skill and competencies, job responsibilities, organizational culture and some marketing. In order to prevent making bad hires, recruiters also like to highlight the values and mission of the organization. There are millions of recruiters posting job descriptions on various job portals and to make yours prominent among those, it’s important that you write a great one. Right job description connects you to the right candidates and helps you make a good hire.

Here are a few simple tips on writing great job descriptions:

  1. Job Title

Select the right job title. A good job title is defined by several characteristics such as:

  • It should reflect the nature of the job
  • It should not reflect gender or age preferences
  • It should reflect the job hierarchy
  • It should be generic so that candidates can compare it to similar jobs in the industry

Being creative in crafting job titles is good but you should also keep in mind that the candidates could be searching job under known job titles.

2. Job Overview

Begin your job description with a few sentences that summarizes the nature of the job and includes the major functions and how it impacts the company objectives. You can also include why the job is an important role and how it contributes not only to the company but also to the society. You can include simple questions like “how it makes the lives of people better?” or “how it helps in solving existing business issues?” and answer them highlighting the significance of the job.

3.  Job Responsibilities and Duties

Outline the job responsibilities and duties in a detailed yet concise manner. You can also highlight duties which are unique to your organization. Highlight daily activities and help the candidates understand your company environment. Help the candidates see the bigger picture and how the job role impacts the business. Make sure that you enlist the responsibilities clearly so that the candidates can understand them well and can determine if they are qualified for the job or not.

4. Update/Modify Job Descriptions

Job descriptions often remain static for years and the same ones are posted in case of vacancies. Check and update the job descriptions every time before posting and modify the skills and experience needed. Remove the criteria which are no longer needed or highlight the ones which have recently surfaced. Research also suggests that using restrictive requirements like “years of experience” limits the applications. To attract a diverse range of candidates you should avoid such things in your job descriptions. Also, it’s a good practice to include current employees for input on writing job descriptions. As the employees know the company requirements and culture better, they could help you fine tune the descriptions.

5. Avoid Biases

Try to avoid biases of any kind until it’s absolutely necessary. Studies suggest that gender biased language could highly discourage the highly talented candidates from applying as it lowers their expectations of fitting in the company culture. Try to reach a wider range of applicants to improve the diversity of applications and chances of recruiting the right candidates. Also, using gender-neutral languages can help companies fill up the positions faster.  Simple changes in your existing job descriptions can help you improve your job listings.

6. Be Innovative

Candidates searching job spend a lot of time reading job descriptions. If you can make you listing creative and innovative, it might attract candidates more as compared to other listings. Figure out ways to make your job descriptions eye-catching and implement the factors that differentiate it from similar listings.

7. Company Culture

Company culture matters a lot while recruitment because most of the candidates wonder if they would fit in the given environment or if they would enjoy working there. Thus, writing great job descriptions also includes writing about the company culture. Highlight the benefits, workplace bonuses or perks. Write about the advantages like flexible schedules, options to work from remote locations, free food or others that your company provides. In addition to technical fit, cultural fit is also extremely important for candidates. Bad hires cost the company a lot and lead to productivity losses.

Writing great job descriptions is a lot more than enlisting job responsibilities and duties. A well-written job description not only provides the candidates a sense of priorities but also helps employers and hiring managers hire the most suitable candidate and minimize the loss of time and money due to bad hires.




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