Techniques to Strengthen the Cyber Security of Your Organization

Cyber Security
Cyber Security

Cyber security threats are heightening day by day and businesses, whether big or small, must take appropriate measures to strengthen their cyber security policies. Technologies are advancing and hackers are adopting more and more sophisticated techniques for data breaches, costing organizations millions. And, in addition to monetary loss, data breaches also damage the reputation and client relationships. Cyber-attacks are on the rise and there is an increased need of training the staff to become more vigilant towards protecting sensitive data and passwords, and identifying threats. Here are a few techniques to strengthen the cyber security of your organization:

  1. Protect Your Devices

Virus or malware can severely affect your computer systems and mobile devices. Protect your devices with appropriate security software like anti-spyware, anti-virus and anti-spam filters. Also ensure that your security software is up-to-date and contains all the security upgrades related to latest cyber-attacks and viruses. Your internal networks also need to be protected with firewall security. Secure your portable business devices with firewall and update them whenever required to prevent cyber threats from entering your network.

 2. Data Backup

It’s always a good idea to regularly back up your business data so that you can easily recover it in case of data loss. Whether it’s a business plan or financial records, use multiple methods of back-up to make sure that your business information is safe. Different back-up methods include, yearly, quarterly, weekly or daily server backups to cloud storage or a portable device. This is an easy and cost-effective way of preventing data loss. Also check if you can easily retrieve you data from the backup source.

3. Data Encryption

When you store or send data online, ensure that it is encrypted and accessible only for the approved users. In data encryption, your data is converted into a secret code which helps in reducing the risk of data destruction or theft.

4. Monitor Systems & Software

Monitor the systems and software used for your business. Enable restricted access wherever necessary and also train your staff about how to keep their devices secure. Be cautious while using a portable device as it can lead to accidental transfer of malicious software to your business system. Software or a system that is no longer required must be removed after ensuring that it contains no sensitive information.

5. Password Management

Protect your devices containing important information with passwords. Strong passwords improve the digital security. Using the same password for a long time makes your systems vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Change your passwords frequently. You can also use a password manager for creating and storing passwords for you.

6. Spam Filters

In order to reduce the amount of phishing and spam emails on your business email id you can use spam filters. In case of spam emails, it’s best not to respond to or unsubscribe them. Spam emails should be deleted or you can use a spam filter to prevent your employees from opening fraudulent emails accidentally. Under certain laws, sending spam emails for commercial purposes is an offense and is subjected to significant fines.

7. Train Your Staff

Provide proper training to your staff regarding the cyber security of your organization threats they are likely to face. Training is an important part of safeguarding your business. Your team members must be aware of their rights and responsibilities as well as about the online practices that are acceptable while working. Also train them about how to maintain good passwords, identify suspicious online activities and refrain from opening fraudulent emails.

8. Stay Updated

Your cyber security may get affected by payment frauds, online transaction issues and many more factors. You must always stay updated about the online practices, cyber threats and scams. You can subscribe to various services that update you on a regular basis about the issues and solutions related to cyber security.

Strengthening the cyber securityrequires developing a culture of cyber security in the organization. Educate your team about the threats to sensitive data and keep them engaged with the security procedures. This would help you in maintaining a strong cyber security in your organization.




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