Tips to Improve Internal Communication at Work

Internal Communication at Work
Different communication strategies

Internal communication is one of the most important aspects of a workplace, be it any type of company. Effective communication skills lead to strong professional relationships and helps in achieving goals faster. It not only improves the work environment but also leads to positive results. However, a number of organizations encounter internal communication issues that hamper work and cause misunderstandings. If you have such issues in your organization, it’s important to start working on them as soon as you can because letting poor communication get worse could drastically impact the success of your organization.

Here are a few tips that could help you improve the internal communication of your organization:

  1. Communication-Friendly Environment

Encourage an open-plan environment and communicate that everybody is an important part of the team. Keep things transparent to build trust and clarity in your team. Let your employees know that they can come to you anytime for help, support or guidance. Also encourage interaction between colleagues. Such an environment also results in the free flow of communication during meetings where issues can be resolved and plans can be discussed.

2. Clarifying Roles & Responsibilities

Communicate the roles and responsibilities of your employees clearly. If the instructions are not clear, it may lead to miscommunications and issues. Every member of the team needs to understand what exactly he is expected to achieve so that he can attain the correct standards in the given tasks. Techniques like Responsibility Chartering (RACI) accountability could be helpful in clarifying the expectations, conceptions and behavior of each role in an organization.

3. Appropriate Communication Strategies

Every project is different and needs to be handled differently. Some projects may require more face to face meetings whereas some might require more involvement of remote teams. Evaluating the need of different projects, different communication strategies must be adopted. There are numerous technologies for assistance and all you need is to pick the right one that serves the purpose. Video conferencing, task management software and many more tools are there to help streamline your communication.

4. Two-Way Feedback

Giving out feedback to employees for improvement isn’t enough. Constructive feedback is what helps employees unlock their potential. It helps them in self-evaluation and improvement. Learn how to provide feedback that guides your employees to increase efficiency and productivity. Also, you must encourage two-way conversation where employees can also offer their opinion about a project or work environment. Studies suggest that using online feedback forms for virtual teams helps in boosting their motivation and satisfaction.

5. Training

Although communication training’s require some time, money and effort, such sessions could significantly improve internal communication. There are various courses available for improving communication skills that, in turn, improve the ability to inform, deliver your message and persuade. A research suggested that communication skills training helps improve inter-collegial communication and well as quality of work.

6. Team Spirit

Make an effort to build the team spirit. Help your employees to know each other better. If your team members are bonded well, it would automatically help in improving the internal communication. Give your employees opportunities to bond. This could be done by organizing social meetings where they can relax and interact beyond the boundaries of work, organizing a team lunch, conducting a fitness class once a week or organizing interdepartmental sports challenge. There are multiple ways to break the ice.

No matter whether you work with a remote team or in an office environment, the right strategies for communication could pave the way for the success of any project. However, you must analyze which strategy works best for which project or employees.

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