Digital Clinical Trial Process – The Future is Bright!

Digital clinical trials
Digital clinical trials

A recent survey on Clinical Trail revealed that by 2050 the global population is anticipated to reach 10 billion and digital health market is expected to reach US$206 billion by 2020.This is the era of digital connection and patients are no longer passive healthcare recipients but active value-seeking clients. This simply means that the world is changing and so should the face of healthcare.

In order to reduce impediment either due to patient enrolment or failure rates during clinical trials, it is a must to perform a digital trial within a dynamic framework. With the advent of digital capabilities, there is a huge opportunity to improve clinical trial processes. By doing so, you can –

  • Build trust and connect patients
  • Improve trial plan as well as productivity
  • Improve study monitoring to forecast results

Digital transformation is mainly happening in the following areas –

Improved site selection and setup

Depending on the factors such as previous performance, sustainability for trial as well as risk forecast, advanced data analytics can be used for site selection. This method includes digital site engagement. It integrates a virtual tour of facilities, ranking and quality measurement. 

Enhanced patient recruitment and engagement

By screening health records, digital clinical trials offer digital bond with patients. Instead of recruiting on site they are educated and recruited into trials digitally. A recent revealed that in nearly 11% trials patients are recruited using the social media platform.

Enhanced Trial monitoring

Advanced analytics and visualization tools paves way for risk based supervision of trials that include remote site monitoring, risk-based monitoring, etc. Some of the innovative ideas include recording patient videos during pre as well as post site visits by noting their experience and feedback.

Technology continues to develop and undoubtedly there will be numerous opportunities to enhance various aspects of clinical trials. To provide new therapies to patients, it is important to have a strategy that will embrace digital capabilities.


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