Make Your Workplace Investigation Successful

A problem or a complaint, formal or informal, in a company often puts the employer in a tight spot where the workflow or the company’s reputation could be at stake. In such cases, it’s important for the employer to carry out a proper investigation. However, in many organizations, HR or compliance investigators lack appropriate training for conducting workplace investigations. Being an employer you must know that w hen a problem arises, it’s essential to take fast and effective action in order to find out the cause and remedy of the problem, and also to protect the company from dire consequences. Continue reading “Make Your Workplace Investigation Successful”

Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Banking Compliance

Today, maintaining compliance in the financial regulatory environment requires much more than just managing numbers. As per certain regulations, monitoring fraudulent trading practices isn’t enough and the firms are also required to monitor communications throughout a transaction or trade life cycle. For this, it’s important to obtain additional information regarding monitored users and their activities. Such information might include relationship discrepancies, behavior anomalies or any other fluctuations in trade data or communication. Continue reading “Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Banking Compliance”

Workplace Retaliation: Laws and Concerns in the Digital Era

Most of the people are aware of the laws protecting employees from harassment and discrimination but very few know that there are also laws protecting employees from retaliation. In this digital era, the social media is increasingly being used by the employees for complaining about their employers or employees. Consequently, employment-law retaliation claims, concerning social media activity, has also gained prominence. In light of certain laws, the employers need to think about their social media policies carefully to avoid legal liabilities. Continue reading “Workplace Retaliation: Laws and Concerns in the Digital Era”

How Medical Education is Shifting the Focus to Choosing Wisely?

Just like ‘too little care’, ‘too much care’ could also be detrimental to patients. Over the past few decades, the testing and treatment options in the medical arena have increased manifold. The patients are being subjected to over-testing and over-treatment which is leading to consequences like unnecessary surgeries, physical sufferings, painful side effects and financial losses that impacts the household budgets severely. Continue reading “How Medical Education is Shifting the Focus to Choosing Wisely?”

Employee First – Consumerization of HR

Most organizations attribute their success to having made a conscious effort to put the customer first. Now, some organizations are also applying the same principles to employees. Using this approach, organizations view employees as customers and serve their needs, in the same way, resulting in stronger employee engagement, loyalty, and improved resource planning. After all, it is employees who serve on the front lines of customer service and represent the company as brand ambassadors. It is employees who help meet business objectives. And it is employees who are ultimately responsible for the organization’s success. Continue reading “Employee First – Consumerization of HR”

How Big Data Trends Influence the Banking Industry

The need to solve business challenges, in light of both advancing technologies and the changing nature of data, banking, and financial organizations are starting to look closer at Big Data’s potential benefits. The collection of Big Data helps banking industry understand the needs and expectations of people. This way they can keep up with trends and make changes in their operations to improve their services as well as customer relations. Continue reading “How Big Data Trends Influence the Banking Industry”

Digital Clinical Trial Process – The Future is Bright!

A recent survey revealed that by 2050 the global population is anticipated to reach 10 billion and digital health market is expected to reach US$206 billion by 2020.This is the era of digital connection and patients are no longer passive healthcare recipients but active value-seeking clients. This simply means that the world is changing and so should the face of healthcare. Continue reading “Digital Clinical Trial Process – The Future is Bright!”