MACRA and MIPS: New Regulations in Medical Practices

The healthcare sector is evolving at a great pace and new regulations keep making their way into it, along with new related acronyms. Two recent acronyms that have emerged in healthcare are MACRA and MIPS. These have become a prominent addition to the medical practices and to follow them properly it’s important that you understand the regulations well. Lately there has been significant changes regarding how the medicare pays for physician services. MACRA and MIPS have a significant impact on many health plans. Continue reading “MACRA and MIPS: New Regulations in Medical Practices”

Latest Trends In Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

Anti-money laundering (AML) requirements of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) have marked their prominence in banks and financial organizations since years. Post-9/11 era, government agencies, including law enforcement as well as regulatory, have put much emphasis on BSA compliance. And, such agencies, at local, state and federal levels, are actively taking part in ensuring that financial organizations comply with the BSA. Continue reading “Latest Trends In Anti-Money Laundering Compliance”